19 December 2018

Meeting markets is making good progress in Coquimbo: Meetings, incentives, coferences and exhibitions.

Meeting markets is making good progress in Coquimbo: Meetings, incentives, coferences and exhibitions.

The formation of an executive committee and a first technical meeting for Competitiveness fund for innovation in Coquimbo took place. “The convention Bureau is the force behind touristic goals in the region”. This will move the economic activity at the region and will benefit its enterprises and inhabitants.

The activities took place on December 10th, in La Serena.

The convention Bureau organizations objective is to place its cities, regions or countries in the market as meeting spots to hold conferences. Additionally, they help these places territories achieve development in tourism in the long run.

The project aims to grant cultural events all year round, diversify and rise tourism expenditure in Coquimbo throughout the European transfer to the implementation of a Regional Convention Bureau: Meeting markets, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. (M.I.C.E)

This initiative is executed by Eurochile and financed by the Regional Government of Coquimbo, through the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (FIC-R).

MICE stands for( Meetings , Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions ).It refers to merging, commercial and business trips, meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions, fairs, seminars, courses, congresses, etc.

Creation of the Executive Committee and Regional Technical Board

Ivonne Palma, Eurochile project manager, argued that “on December 10th, the Executive Committee was set up to make decisions, supervise activities and technically measure results of this inititiative

"Subsequently, the first meeting of the regional technical board was held, whose purpose was to present and meet with the key actors of tourism who mingled and socialized in Coquimbo. They discussed about the execution of the activities, analyzed their opinions, comments, observations with the purpose of strengthening the development of the project and its impact at the region, "She added.

Laura Cerda, president of the Chamber of Tourism in Coquimbo, pointed out that "the importance of the Executive Committee is mainly to take the necessary precautions so the project is executed efficiently. Secondly, to ensure collected data is a specific reference of what we have in terms of services, quality and chain of tourist attraction. All we want to offer nationally and internationally.

He emphasized that "the benefit that this Convention Bureau will offer the area is to take over the provinces of Choapa and Limarí as attractions of the territory to the various groups that would like to hold their events and meetings in this region. Therefore, to maximize the circuit which is mainly made up of SME’s at a regional level, so we can then be better positioned in our market.

Activities carried out under the famework of the project

Last August, the international seminar "Meeting Tourism as a strategy to deseasonalise a Tourist Destination" was the kickoff to launch the project. It was held by Raúl García López, an international Convention Bureau expert with more than 17 years of experience.

This seminar sought to break with regular season cycles and, at the same time, to boost the economic activity of the region, taking into account what meetings tourism represents: an important segment that is growing internationally.

In the same month period, the expert carried out 2 workshops, one in Ovalle and the other in La Serena, in order to analyze MICE, its importance and characteristics. Also, He revealed the Convention Bureau, how it works and the role of entrepreneurs related to tourism.

Other activities included technical visits to 15 establishments dedicated to Meeting markets, in order to collect information and exchange experiences, as they are important actors in the development of meetings, incentives, conventions, tourism and exhibitions in the area.

There were also held 3 bilateral meetings with government and union authorities in order to have an integrating view of all the private actors of the region, presented in associations. There was an exchange of experiences with the international expert, Raúl García López, who focused on the role of associations in the development of meeting tourism (MICE) and in the constitution of the Convention Bureau.

Between the months of September and December, the survey and classification of the capacities of the region for the development of MICE Tourism was carried out, information that will allow zoning the regional dimensions for this type of tourism in each of its modalities.

Scheduled activities for the first quarter of 2019

An analysis and proposal of the type of entity to be constituted as a Regional Convention Bureau will display, taking into consideration part of the analysis of the Benchmarking of the existing Convention Bureau in the country. An informative workshop will be held on the opportunities and benefits of the European Enterprise Network. A coordinated and appropriate definition of the legal, organizational, functional and commercial structure will be made for the regional entity to be constituted. New meetings of the regional technical committee and executive committee will be held.

Expected results

At the end of the project in July 2019, 4 great results are expected to be accomplished: the creation of the Regional Convention Bureau and its 5-year action plan, based on European and national experience; the design and execution of a training plan with workshops related to the operation and commercialization of MICE tourism; specify a manual of procedures and protocols for the development of MICE tourism and, finally, the image presentation of the Regional Convention Bureau to the population.

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