18 December 2018



AL- Invest program is one of the most important international cooperation projects of the European Commission in Latin America and it is a key tool that facilitates collaboration between companies and institutions that want to move towards more circular business models.

This was the theme of the lecture given by Bernador Llobet, responsible for monitoring Al- Invest 5.0 program in the Latin American Circular Economy Forum (CEF), which was held on December 11th and 12th. It was organized by the Ministry of Environment, Business Foundation Eurochile and ONUDI.

The fifth phase of this program, AL- Invest 5.0, has an international organization consortium that coordinates the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism to Santa Cruz, Bolivia (CAINCO), of which Bernardo Llobet is also a delegate.

 Eurochile is one of the entities in charge of a project from Al invest 5.0 .In this context, the CEF was organized.

"We very much appreciate the invitation. I think that Circular Economy is a very interesting subject. I think it will be a leading trend for the coming years, "said Bernardo Llobet.

"The important thing about our participation here is that AL Invest reaches 18 Latin American countries that include more than 100 institutions-like Eurochile- working on projects simultaneously. Therefore, it is an important tool to spread new ideas", he added.

"AL Invest has the ability to reach many places, either private or public institutions, business organizations and the same small companies that drive these experiences and are examples of creativity, such as those that have been able to generate recycling products. That is Circular Economy”

AL Invest has benefited more than 20,000 SME’s in Latin America. Its main idea has been to improve the productivity of these small and medium enterprises.

Bernardo informed that "the main base of AL Invest is the generation of new projects but out of the same companies. It does not mean an imposition from Europe, but the it is the company itself that presents its institution, either a chamber or business partnership and their needs for it to support them. Therefore, there are projects of all kinds in 18 countries which symbolize their local realities and culture, from tea brews in Paraguay, cacao growers in Guatemala to nanotechnology projects in Argentina or circular projects in Chile”

He stressed that another great feature of the program is the partnership and networking that occur between SME’s , business organizations and public and private institutions, which raises a strategy when promoting initiatives on circular businesses.

Foundation for Recycling, FUNDARE

Evelyn AnteloJustiniano, Executive manager to the Foundation for Recycling, FUNDARE was also part of the activity. This foundation was created 10 years ago by CAINCO, whose job is to recycle electrical and electronic waste, such as mobile devices, printers and TV sets to be later recycled and marketed both in Bolivia and abroad.

She declared that "I am pleased to be at this Circular Economy Forum, to take advantage of all opportunities, to learn from the experiences, good practices and the advances they are presenting".

"Our idea now is to make companies aware of the importance of Circular Economy. It's a global trend; the planet is calling for help. As CAINCO and FUNDARE, we want to promote this issue in the business sector, "he concluded.

AL Invest Project Executed by Eurochile

"Partnership as a strategy to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Chilean SME’s belonging to the Food and Tourism sectors" is the project that Eurochile developed during 2017 and 2018 and which was co-financed by AL Invest 5.0 program.

In the context of this initiative, Eurochile worked on the theme of Circular Economy through workshops and expert webinars.  The Foundation also organized the Latin American Circular Economy Forum.