The European Union has been developing regionalisation processes for many years, with failures and successes from which Chile has a lot to learn. The European Regional Policy focuses on strategic investment in every region and city in order to boost economic growth and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, such as through internet and transportation connections with remote regions, the fostering of SMEs in disadvantaged areas, concern for the environment, improving education, fostering innovation and clean energy, etc. It is also a show of solidarity, since aid focuses on less developed regions through:

  • Strategies for regional development and public-private territorial management
  • Smart specialisation productive model
  • Planning and strategic management control in regions
  • Professionalisation for regional development

Eurochile creates and coordinates regional networks and alliances between Chile and the European Union to disseminate and transfer strategies, methodologies, best practices and European know-how to Chilean public agencies focused on territorial management and productive development (regional governments, provinces or municipalities). The objective of this is to upgrade their tools and methodologies for planning, managing and monitoring, as well as improve capacities to implement actions that have a real impact on the regions.